Dog Grooming

We provide a wide variety of grooming packages with services you can add-on to enhance your dog's spa experience. We also have a handful of walk-in services that do not require an appointment!

Cat Grooming

Hairless, fluffy, or somewhere in between, every cat is welcome at Furr! We have a variety of services specifically for cats, from nail capping to de-shedding treatments and even full breed-specific grooming.

Veterinary Services

While your pet is getting groomed, take advantage of our in-house wellness services performed by a Registered Veterinary Technician and Veterinarian. Have your pet seen for their annual exam, vaccines, microchipping, and more.

Pet Grooming and Wellness Services

We offer a wide range of grooming, spa, and wellness services.

Check Out Our Work

Our groomers have over 83 years of combined experience to keep your pet looking their best.

New Client Special

First time at one of our locations? Bring this voucher with you to receive $15 off your first visit.

Pet Care Rewards

Our Pet Care Rewards Program unleashes the savings by giving you CASH BACK REWARDS and at the same time supports a great cause by helping other pets in need!

Meet Our Team

Our team works hard to keep your pets feeling good and looking great. Learn more about us!

Catlynn C.

Catlynn came to Furr in 2017 and has been grooming pets since 2006. She has previous experience managing salons and starting her own small farm.

Andi M.
Lead Customer Service Representative

Andi brought her creativity and love for animals to Furr in 2016. Andi has always been creative and enjoys making and looking at art.

Katie D.
Lead Groomer

Katie came to Furr in 2015 and has been a groomer since 2009. She believes empathy and education go hand in hand with grooming.

Ben K.
Lead Registered Veterinary Technician

Ben came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2018 and has been a Registered Veterinary Technician since 2013. His time as an ER/ICU Technician at Purdue was one of his greatest learning experiences.

  • review rating 5  They were very friendly and got my pup in the same day! I will definitely be back. The one thing I wasn’t happy about- my pup came home smelling like a musty towel. I will go back and try again- probably a fluke thing.

    thumb Tauri Bayer

    review rating 5  Friendly staff. My baby girl has coarse hair which is hard to cut at home but they did great work. You can tell they love their furry friends so you know your fur child is well taken care of while there.

    thumb Briqlyn Paige

    review rating 5  Very nice and clean facility! Cat groomers are hard to find in Indy and my long haired cat needs shaved at least twice a year. So glad I found a awesome groomer downtown.

    thumb Nate Bennett
  • review rating 5  The best groom I've gotten for my pup so far! Also, instead of telling me he was wiggly and charging me extra, they actually gave me pointers to help train him! Thanks again!

    thumb Lamica Simmons

    review rating 5  Olivia, the greyhound, visits Furr every month. I, her human, love Furr. They give her a great shine and nail clips! She is a bit of a Diva on the crate situation, but I know her methods! She doesn’t fool anyone. 🤣👍❤️🐾

    thumb Betsy Swisher

    review rating 5  Been going here for years. My dog has a anxiety problem and they always know how to calm him down and get him groomed the best way possible.. all for 70 bucks they give him a good bath, clean his ears, cut his nails and do a paw pad treatment which is awesome!!

    thumb Ashley Cast
  • review rating 5  Been going here for years. My dog has a anxiety problem and they always know how to calm him down and get him groomed the best way possible.. all for 70 bucks they give him a good bath, clean his ears, cut his nails and do a paw pad treatment which is awesome!!

    thumb Ashley Cast

    review rating 5  Great walk-in in service super fast in and out! My dog loved it. I'll update after our upcoming full service groom.

    thumb allen bell

    review rating 5  I don’t know where to begin or how to articulate how wonderful everyone is here especially Andi, they're all knowledgeable, accommodating, and caring for our fur babies like they’re their own! Andi has went above and beyond for us, she explained the entire process of new pups starting to get groomed, why we need additional vaccinations (for our pups protection of course), and reassuring me if there were any problems (which there hasn’t been) she’d call immediately! I can’t thank everyone enough for being amazing and keeping such a clean space.

    thumb J Abbot
  • review rating 5  The fur babies seem to like going and I like the way they clean them up

    thumb bill duffey

    review rating 5  Got this little one groomed today! Everyone was so nice, and she's beautiful! I will DEFINITELY be coming back, she's show ready, and extra cute with her bandana! The price for everything is well worth it for my little Samoyed princess!

    thumb Victoria Sumpter

    review rating 5  Groomers always cut my dog exactly to my specifications. He comes back looking happy and perfect every single time. The team is very sweet and helpful. The best part is they give you a report card when you pick your dog up that tells you how he did during his groom. Thanks for taking care of Bo, Furr!

    thumb Alyssa Halcomb
  • review rating 5  Thank you for doing such a great job with my mini Pom. Will def be back!

    thumb Olivia Openshaw

    review rating 5  I have never taken an animal to a groomer before, and not only were they very patient and accommodating for me, but my dog had a couple of shots expire and they had a vet come in and administer them the day of his grooming appointment so that I didn’t have to make two trips! He looks beautiful, it was worth every penny, (and it wasn’t a crazy amount of pennies LOL). It has been several days since his appointment and he still looks fresh and smells so good! I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner😂💚

    thumb Real Single Life

    review rating 5  I found them online and i'm glad that I did. Ease of booking: Making an appointment online was really easy using their online system. The website has all of their services listed however there aren't any pricing information. For pricing, you have to use their "get a quote" system. Drop off: A day or two before my appointment, someone from Furr kindly reminded me of my appointment and what vet documents I needed to bring. Anyone who regularly uses a grooming / day care, should already have this information. When I got there, everyone greeted my dog and I accordingly and I got to meet my groomer, Cody. Cody did his consultation and i pretty much gave him a rough guideline to do "whatever" the whole process took about 10-15 minutes. After drop off (10 am) I was told that he'd probably be done around 1-2 pm. Pick up: My dog was ready around 1:45 pm so their timing was pretty accurate, but it can vary depending how busy they are, so if you're dropping off you should be somewhat flexible with pick up times. My dog looked absolutely amazing at pick-up. Even though I didn't give much guidance to my groomer, he did an impressive job. Also, Furr keeps a database of what was done, so they can go back if you liked what was done previously. Cost: To give you an idea cost, my dog is a 9 lb bichon / shih tzu mix and he got a full bath, cut and a "blueberry" facial (face wash to help with tear stains) and it all came to about $60. Full disclosure, I've used many grooming service before from high end "pet spas" to big box groomers , both of them are great for what you can afford but it does make a difference but It all depends on what kind of cut you want and the kind of hair your dog has. But Furr is comparable to higher end spas. Overall enjoyed their service and will continue to use them for him monthly trims. Thank you Furr Spa and Cody for such a great experience.

    thumb NI
  • review rating 5  They have done a great job with my English Bulldog! Very attentive, Hunter loves going there.

    thumb Chris Tullus

    review rating 5  Furr did an AMAZING job with my pup! We took him in for his first grooming at 5 months and they did a great job dealing with his crazy puppy self. They did a great job trimming him and listened to everything we asked for. We highly recommend Furr!

    thumb Kaylee Thompson


How do I make an appointment?

Most of the services offered at our pet spa are by appointment only. Give us a call at 317-737-2502 to make an appointment. We do not currently make appointments online, via e-mail, or via social media messaging. 

What vaccinations do you require?

We require all pets to be vaccinated for:

  • Rabies (cats + dogs)
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza

How much will my pet’s grooming appointment cost?

Feel free to give us a call at 317-737-2502 or request a quote here to receive a quote for your pet’s grooming services.  The price of each level of service is determined by your pet’s breed, hair type, and weight. If your pet is a mixed breed, our groomers will determine which breed is the closest in terms of hair coat and groom style.

What types of animals do you see?

Furr: Pet Spa welcomes all breeds of cats and dogs!

What time is drop-off?

Dog Drop-Off
Daily from 7:30-8:30am, 9:00-10:00am, + 11:00am-noon. Assigned when you make an appointment.

Cat Drop-Off
Mondays at 10:00 am

Our Facilities

Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Clinic is located in a 1,800 sq ft, state of the art building, on the 900 block of East St. Our facilities boast a self-serve dog wash, veterinary wellness services, and multiple groomers for all your pet’s styling needs. There is even a Zen Den for a more quiet and relaxing experience for our furry family members.

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How to Find Us

909 N. East St, Indianapolis, IN(317)

Business Hours

Monday-Friday7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday9:00am - 5:00pm