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Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Clinic is a full service grooming salon, pet spa, and wellness center. We strive to care for your pet from nose to tail. This concept starts the minute your pet walks through our door. Each pet that obtains services with our spa will receive a complimentary exam, as well as, a take home report of all findings and suggestions. The Furr team believes in preventative care and keeping your pet well. Furr also believes in style! Thinking about painting your dog’s toenails or rocking a mohawk on your favorite canine? We can help! Whatever style your furry friend has, our certified, knowledgable groomers can keep them looking good.

Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness is part of Buy Soma From India, a small group of veterinary care and pet grooming practices that are 100% veterinarian-owned and operated. Our current locations include Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness, Order Xanax India, Order Adipex Online LegallyOrder Xanax Online Legally, Buy Xanax From Canada, and Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness, all located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. 

Our commitment

Compassion and concern for your pets’ safety, style, comfort, and well-being are our top priorities. The team at Furr strives to provide excellent customer service and personalized attention to each pet.

Buy Carisoprodol Online Uk

Our Core Values

  1. Patients
    Committed to customized patient care.
    • Best medicine
    • Compassion
    • Quality of life
    • Comfort
  2. Clients
    Builds client relationships through respect and communication.
    • Empathy
    • Integrity
    • Honesty
    • Education
    • Welcomes feedback
  3. Team
    Builds a positive team culture.
    • Collaboration
    • Integrity
    • Honesty
    • Respect
    • Celebrates diversity
    • Creativity
  4. Community
    Strives to build longstanding community relationships.
    • Community involvement
    • Partnerships
    • Embrace and drive change
    • Caring about our environment
  5. Work-Life Balance
    Regularly comes to work happy, healthy and ready to go.
    • Personal growth
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Work
    • Dependable through attendance

Our Niche

Every patient. Every Time. No Exceptions. No Excuses.

Our Core Focus

Exemplary veterinary medicine through customized patient care.

0 Expert Groomers

0 Combined Years of Experience

0 Happy Clients

0 Years in Business

Meet our team

Practice Director

Indiana University, Kinesiology, 2009 – 2011

Personal + Professional:
Ken brought his passion for health and animals to City Way Animal Clinics in 2012 as a veterinary technician, and has risen through the ranks to our leadership team. He has a passion for community outreach, team culture, and animal wellness. When Ken isn’t making sure things are running smoothly at our clinics, he’s focused on molding a healthy lifestyle. He has a passion for physical and mental health, and you can often find him at the gym.

Loves of his Life:
Ken and his husband, Mark, enjoy city life in Indianapolis.

Indy Favorites:
The Canal Walk
Biking the Monon
Patio restaurants with friends

Lead Customer Service Representative

Herron School of Art + Design, B.A in Photography with a minor in Psychology, 2015

Personal + Professional:
Andi brought her creativity and love for animals to Furr in 2016. Andi has always been creative and enjoys making and looking at art. In college, she studied photography, screen printing, and ceramics. When she’s not throwing clay, she’s making coffee at Monon Coffee Co., reading, hanging out with her friends, and baking.

Loves of her Life:
Andi shares a home with her sassy “pug”émon, Luna, and her orange greaser cat, Ponyboy. Luna and Ponyboy are best friends and enjoy cuddling and relaxing with their mom.

Indy Favorites:
Coat Check Coffee
Chatham Tap
Local Breweries
Nicey Treat
Mimi Blue Meatballs

Customer Service Representative

Personal + Professional:
K’trina came to Furr in 2018 with four years of experience in the pet service field. When she’s not spending time with animals at work or at home, she’s reading, playing PC games, taking naps, or just being outside. K’trina has a passion for makeup, including special effects makeup, Halloween, and homeopathy.

Loves of her Life:
K’trina and her partner, Landon, have a son named Carson and one perfect cat, Salem. Salem is a rescued Tortie who loves to have her tongue hanging out and cuddling with her mom on the couch.

Indy Favorites:
Yummy restaurants and local breweries
The Indianapolis Zoo
The Children’s Museum
Downtown boutiques + shopping


Buy Soma Cod

Ball State University, BFA in Painting, with a Watermedia Specialty, 2009
Grooming Academy, 2009

Personal + Professional:
Katie came to Furr in 2015  and has been a groomer since 2009. She believes empathy and education go hand in hand with grooming. When she’s not painting and making art, she’s playing Dungeons & Dragons, and running in races that offer free beer and cool medals.

Loves of her Life:
Katie and her lifemate, Evan, care for a large family of furry and feathered friends: Gorbash Oakenshield, mutt (aka “Best Dog”); Donna Noble, mutt (aka “Trash Panda”); Jennifer Jareau, miniature poodle (aka “Too Good for us”); Ferrero Roger, cat and bro roomie; Gengar Stormbringer, Great Pyrenees-mix (aka “New Kid on the Block”); three chickens; and a flock of five ducks.

Indy Favorites:
The Inferno Room
Indy’s Breweries, especially St. Joseph’s and MashCraft
GenCon in Indy!


Buy Valium Legally

Purdue University

Personal + Professional:
Katie has been a groomer since 2012 and came to Furr in 2015. She describes grooming as the “pawfect” career path and she couldn’t imagine a better way to spend her days. When she’s not making her clients sparkle, she’s cooking and listening to Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. She has a passion for senior dogs and believes patience and compassion is the key to keeping pups looking and feeling great.

Loves of her Life:
Katie has a home filled with love and pets. Roman, her Chinese Crested Dog, and Edie, affectionately named her “trashcan terrier,” share a home with Marla (the perfect cat) and Bernard (the less perfect cat.)

Indy Favorites:
Mass Ave


Buy Sandoz Phentermine

PetSmart Grooming Academy

Personal + Professional:
Kelsey came to Furr in 2015 and has been a professional groomer since 2004. She enjoys the holy trinity of: food, caffeine, and beer. She spends her time hanging out with her dog, Fezzik and taking care of her poultry flock.

Loves of her Life:
Kelsey and her spouse, Andrew, refer to their Bull Mastiff, Fezzik, as their son. The “Brute Squad” also includes their cats: Petri, Pistachio, Pipes and The Pig; their teensy-weensy house chickens: HENrietta, Minerva, and Winifred (aka “The Broody Bitches”); plus an ever growing flock of chickens, ducks, and geese.

Indy Favorites:
Bru Burger
St. Joseph’s


Buy Xanax 2Mg

PetSmart Grooming Academy, 2008

Personal + Professional:
Cody came to Furr in 2018 and has been a professional groomer since 2008. His greatest passion is riding and showing Arabian horses in Halter, Hunter Pleasure, and Sport Horse in Hand (showing disciplines).

Loves of his Life:
Cody has three Poodles named CeCe, Joplin, and Jeffrey; four turtles named Jordan (27 years old!), Richard, Carrol, and Priscilla; three Lionhead rabbits named Eric, Jessica, and Pam; and one Holland Lop rabbit named Godric.

Indy Favorites:

Cat Groomer

Buy Diazepam Online Uk

Ancilla College, Associates Degree, Non-Profit Certification, 2000

Personal + Professional:
Audrey came to Furr in 2019 and has been working with animals since 2002. When she’s not grooming kitties, she’s managing a local farmers market, and spending time with her son and pets. Audrey is in the process of completing her wildlife rehabilitation license. She enjoys all kinds of water – pools, creeks, beaches – you name it!

Loves of her Life:
Audrey and her son, Jonas, have a poodle mix named Zelda and three cats: Doc, Tangerine, and Chealsa.

Indy Favorites:
Broad Ripple Park
Green spaces

Groomer | Located at Soma 350 Mg Generic

International Business College, Business Management Degree, 2007

Personal + Professional:
Catlynn came to Furr in 2017, and has been grooming pets since 2006. She completed an internship at a vet clinic in high school, during which time she decided that working with animals was her calling. Since then, she has managed salons and started her own small farm. When she’s not at the pet salon, she’s at home with her own animals. She has a passion for animals in need, and fosters and rescues livestock animals.

Loves of her Life:
Catlynn’s long list of pets include: Standard Poodle, Ruby; two Great Pyrenees, Delta Dawn and Pony; Mr. Sheffield’s Nanny Fine aka “Fran,” a powderpuff Chinese Crested Dog; two miniature horses, Boots and Banjo; two pigs, Kevin and Sir Francis Bacon; two cats, Hissy and Stripes; and a whole brood of chickens and ducks.

Indy Favorites:
Canal walks with her dogs

Groomer not listed: Caitlin B.