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Your First Visit to Furr

Visiting the groomer with your pet can be a little intimidating the first time. We’ve outlined the process from calling to make an appointment to your first visit and everything in between! Schedule an Appointment What kind of dog/cat do you have? Please be ready to describe your pet’s breed or similar breed, size, and coat type (ie: similar to a Lab, roughly 60 lb, but has longer hair kind of like a Border Collie.) You might not know a specific breed if your dog is mixed, but giving us similar-looking breeds, size, and coat type will give us a good idea. Have vaccines ready! We require Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella for all appointments. Bordetella is commonly missed because it is often not included in the basic yearly vaccines that all veterinarians give, and you may have to ask for it at your vet visit. Your veterinarian can provide you […]

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Maintaining Your Dog’s Coat Between Grooms

We’ve all seen it… unwanted dog hair stuck to your favorite black pants, on your furniture, in the car – the dog hair seems to be everywhere! Not only does brushing your dog’s coat cut down on the amount of hair you have to deal with around your home, regular brushing helps distribute natural oils in your dog’s fur and skin and helps regulate body temperature by allowing the coat to function as it was designed to.  Maintaining your dog’s coat between grooms will depend on several factors: your dog’s hair type length of coat how frequently you get your dog groomed Dogs with Double Coats That Shed Much like the insulation in your home, your dog’s double coat helps to insulate your dog from both heat and cold, however, it can only do this when it is properly maintained. Dogs with a double coat that shed should be brushed […]

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The Best Winter Grooming Treatments at Furr

Is your pet extra dry or itchy? Are you finding that no amount of brushing is helping your pet’s mated coat stay mat-free? Would you like some help? If so, we’ve got your back.  We all know that the swing from Fall to Winter is hard on everyone. Between allergies and dry skin, it can be tough. Did you know that our furry little family members struggle too? When we get dried out, so do they. It’s important to realize that there are things that can be done to help alleviate even the smallest bit of discomfort. Our Hydrating and Restorative Services: Hot Oil Conditioning Treatment Deep Sea Mineral Mud Scrub De-Shedding Treatment Restore Shampoo Restorative Paw Pad Therapy Balm What Are These Services and How Can They Help Your Pet? Our Hot Oil Conditioning Treatment is an excellent way to give not only the skin, but the coat an […]

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Why You Should Schedule Your Pet’s Holiday Groom Now

Hello world!

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When it comes to Grooming, it is easy to get confused with the basics. Why, When, and How

WHY? If you have a long haired dog, the why is obvious. Dogs fur tends to mat, can drag on the floor and pick up debris, and can cause skin irritations such as hotspots if it gets matted, wet, and sticks to the skin. Some of the furrier guys even stop being able to see when their face hair covers their eyes! Regular grooming care will solve these problems and make you and your pet more comfortable. For short haired dogs, grooming is still just as important. A short haired dog can still have an overwhelming amount of shedding fur in the spring and require professional de-shedding! While you may not need the services of a professional groomer as often – you will still need to bathe, nail trims, clean ears, teeth brushing and do basic care for your pet. Short haired dogs are susceptible to hotspots as well, they […]

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