Customer Spotlight: Meet Tonya and Bella

We are excited to begin featuring Furr customers on our blog bi-weekly! In these posts you’ll get to know our clients and their fur babies, find out what Furr services they love, and get recommendations for their top pet-friendly places around Indy.

Our first feature is one of our most loyal customers, Tonya Stanfield and her sweet pup Bella, who live in the Fall Creek neighborhood. Bella is a 4 1/2 year old Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix and is just as cute as they come (as you can see!) cialis oral jelly. Tonya is a huge companion animal advocate and does fundraising for animals in our community. She plans and hosts an annual fundraiser called the Mutt Cup, cocktail competition featuring awesome bartenders from some of Indy’s best bars and restaurants. Proceeds benefit FACE and this year almost $11,000 was raised. Learn more about this fun duo below and find out where they love to wander in our city.

Tonya and Bellow

1. Furr: How long have you been bringing your dog to Furr?
Tonya: Since November of 2014.

2. Furr: What do you think your dog likes most about their “spa experiences” at Furr?
Tonya: The super friendly and awesome staff! She loves being greeted by them upon arrival.

3. Furr: What do YOU like best about your experience as a customer at Furr?
Tonya: The staff is so welcoming and friendly. I love their attention to detail and the updates they give me when picking her up. I also love that Furr is so close to home for us. I was previously driving an hour away for her to be groomed.

4. Furr: What is your favorite service and/or product at Furr and why?
Tonya: The Blueberry Facial Scrub is a fun spa add-on. I also love that they offer vet services during your pup’s spa visit. It’s very convenient. 

5. Furr: What are your favorite pet-friendly places to go in Indy on the weekend? 
Tonya: Hotel Tango, Flatwater, Metazoa and Ralston’s.

6. Furr: Best places to walk dogs around Indy…
Tonya: Mass Ave, the canal and Midland Antiques.

7. Furr: Is Bella on any social media? If so, tell us how people can find her to see what she’s up to! 
Tonya: Bella is on Facebook as “Bella Stanfield”. She would love new friends!

Are you a Furr customer who is interested in being featured on our blog? Contact Us and let us know and you and your pet could be our next client spotlight!

Wanting to find more pet-friendly places in and around downtown Indy? Take a look at Mass Ave Animal Clinic’s Pet-Friendly Downtown Indy Guide.

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