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Lead Groomer

Ball State University, BFA in Painting, with a Watermedia Specialty, 2009
Grooming Academy, 2009

Personal + Professional:
Katie came to Furr in 2015  and has been a groomer since 2009. She believes empathy and education go hand in hand with grooming. When she’s not painting and making art, she’s playing Dungeons & Dragons, and running in races that offer free beer and cool medals.

Loves of her Life:
Katie and her lifemate, Evan, care for a large family of furry and feathered friends: Gorbash Oakenshield, mutt (aka “Best Dog”); Donna Noble, mutt (aka “Trash Panda”); Jennifer Jareau, miniature poodle (aka “Too Good for us”); Ferrero Roger, cat and bro roomie; Gengar Stormbringer, Great Pyrenees-mix (aka “New Kid on the Block”); three chickens; and a flock of five ducks.

Indy Favorites:
The Inferno Room
Indy’s Breweries, especially St. Joseph’s and MashCraft
GenCon in Indy!