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Kelsey Williamson


Kelsey Williamson has had a passion for animals her whole life! She grew up with so many wonderful pets that she knew from a very early age that she wanted to pursue a career working with them as an adult. She started working with pets professionally at the age 16 and began her grooming career in 2004. She loves nothing more than building a lifetime of caring and trusting bonds with her furry clients; especially the “misunderstood” pets that don’t especially enjoy being pampered! She believes empathy, understanding, and education are the keys to building strong bonds between groomers and pets. Even after grooming for over a decade, she enjoys furthering her grooming education to keep up with the latest trends, tools, and techniques to best keep her clients feeling and looking their best. She enjoys attending dog shows, trade shows, and seminars each year.

Kelsey lives outside of Zionsville with her husband Andrew; their 4 rescue cats: Petri, Pistachio, The Pig, and Pipes; a Mastiff named Fezzik; their sassy 1lb house chicken HENrietta; and an ever growing flock of assorted poultry. When she isn’t grooming she enjoys cooking, the outdoors, and simply spending time with her many pets, friends, and family.