Maintaining Your Dog’s Coat Between Grooms

We’ve all seen it… unwanted dog hair stuck to your favorite black pants, on your furniture, in the car – the dog hair seems to be everywhere! Not only does brushing your dog’s coat cut down on the amount of hair you have to deal with around your home, regular brushing helps distribute natural oils in your dog’s fur and skin and helps regulate body temperature by allowing the coat to function as it was designed to.

Maintaining your dog’s coat between grooms will depend on several factors:

  • your dog’s hair type
  • length of coat
  • how frequently you get your dog groomed

Dogs with Double Coats That Shed

Much like the insulation in your home, your dog’s double coat helps to insulate your dog from both heat and cold, however, it can only do this when it is properly maintained. Dogs with a double coat that shed should be brushed at least weekly to ensure the dead hairs don’t pack in, causing matting and discomfort to your dog. Double coated dogs should be brushed with a slicker brush, an undercoat rake, Zoom Groom, or a Furminator. Your groomer can help you determine which brushes are most appropriate for your pet.

Dogs with Single Coats That Grow Continuously

Dogs with hair that grows continuously and does not shed in the traditional sense (these dogs do shed, but just a few minimally noticeable hairs here and there), may need significant maintenance between grooms depending on the hairstyle you choose. Brushing requirements can range from at least once a day for very long and/or thick coats to never between grooms for shorter styles on dogs who visit the groomer frequently. Overall, these dogs should be brushed with a hard slicker brush and a comb.

Generally speaking, the longer the hairstyle you choose, the more maintenance there will be. Some particularly long and thick coats need to be professionally groomed as often as every week or two.

How Can Furr Pet Spa Help?

At Furr Pet Spa and Wellness, we have several add-on and walk-in services available to specifically help with your dog’s shedding:

  • Our add-on de-shedding treatment is one of the best things you can do for your pet (and for yourself)! If your pet has long, thick hair or even short, coarse hair, our groomers can help you. It’s also great for helping detangle mats. We use a formulated hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner which help to relax the hair follicle and release any undercoat your pet may be shedding. We finish with a thorough forced air blow dry and deep brushing to remove as much hair as possible. Your pet will feel lighter and fluffier and you will see a dramatic reduction in the amount of shedding noted at home.
  • Our add-on hand stripping grooming procedure involves pulling out the dead outer coat of wired-haired or “rough-coated” breeds by hand, rather than cutting the hair with clippers. This allows a new “harsh” wire coat to grow in. This service is recommended to be done at least twice a year. Costs and time required vary based on dog’s hair coat quality, groom frequency and temperament.
  • Our walk-in brushout service removes excess hair that your pet may be shedding or helps to de-tangle matted hair. Walk-in services do not require an appointment, so feel free to stop by!

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