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Cat Groomer

In 2002, Audrey began working with animals at dog shelters, using her non-profit degree. After working for the humane society for four years, she found a place at a veterinary clinic. She was there for over ten years, where she trained to be a veterinary assistant and became the hospital manager. Audrey now comes to us with a boatload of veterinary knowledge, grooming experience, and an unconditional love for cats.

Since Audrey has experience as a veterinary assistant, she checks each kitty’s eyes, teeth, and body for any issues. She really appreciates it when her clients let her know about abnormalities in their cat’s day, as well as any new stressors or changes. Knowing their overall health, especially tender areas and sore spots, helps Audrey give her cats the best grooming experience possible.

When she’s not grooming kitties, she’s managing a local farmer’s market, and spending time with her son and pets. Audrey is in the process of completing her wildlife rehabilitation license.

Cat Grooming Services

Our cat grooming services include everything from nail trims and undercoat treatments to full grooms and baths.

Audrey begins each cat groom with a nail trim and an ear cleaning. She explains that with cats, you stop and go often. They get stressed and reach a point where they need a break. She’s not bothered; she returns them to their carrier and moves onto something else. Audrey constantly talks to her feline friends and believes that conversation helps build trust. 

Products She Loves

Air Muzzle

This is a great way to keep yourself safe with a reactionary cat. It’s not as scary or restricting as a normal muzzle, and the cat has room to move and look around. They don’t usually mind it.

Feliway Plug-In

A cat pheromone diffuser that is clinically proven to decrease anxious behavior in cats.

Disco Speaker

Background noise and moving lights help distract and calm the cats so Audrey can focus on more important things, like catching up on her audio books.

Small Fans

These are much better than large blowers, since they’re quieter and produce cool air so as to not overheat the cats.

Zoom Grooms

These brushes are great for at home use as well! Audrey uses them before and during her cat baths.

If your cat struggles with grooming, mattes, shedding, or nail trims, give us a call at (317) 737-2502 to schedule an appointment. Audrey is available on Mondays and Tuesdays every week.

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