Meet Our FURR Babies

Our team members truly love and care for animals, not only at work, but also at home! In honor of National Pet Day, we’re sharing our team’s pets and their stories.


Andi Merrill, Lead Customer Service Representative

I got Luna as a Valentine’s Day gift when I was way too busy with school and working and had no business having a dog! She was an incredibly exhausting and stressful puppy. She has had her stomach pumped three times and literally teethed on rocks she would sneak in from outside. We have bounced around to five different apartments in her five years of living and she has been the one and only constant in my life. I got her Ponyboy last year from the Cat Cafe because I knew she was lonely. The two of them have been best buds ever since! They definitely bicker like brother and sister, but they absolutely love each other. 


Katie Deveau, Groomer

Gorbash Oakenshield
Breed: mixed (bully?)
Age: 7
Likes: spending time alone with mom and pretending like she never got all the other dogs, sleeping, guarding the house from animals on tv, being the favorite.
Greatest fear: being away from mom.
Rescue story: I was found in a box with my siblings and parents tied to it and had a rubber band on my foot, at home stitches in a leg, and mange. I’m the only dog mom ever paid for and she continuously says I’m the best thing money ever bought her.

Vulcan the Oncoming Storm
Breed: Doberman (blue)
Age: 5
Likes: having all the attention, being tucked in at night, having warm ears, food/chewing things.
Greatest fear: cars driving past.
Rescue story: my original owners couldn’t care for me after they had some health complications and I was given to a foster who gave me to my mom as a foster fail that lasted 2 hours.

Donna Noble
Breed: mixed (bully)
Age: 2 1/2
Likes: eating LITERALLY ANYTHING, being the baby and acting like a perma-puppy, going through purses to eat anything in them, watching my chickens and ducks, going through the barn to eat anything, playing non-stop and then eating.
Dislikes: being near people watching scary movies  (pictured is a reaction to moms reaction during Stranger Things)
Rescue story: Dr Glore and Jordan Hyden at Mass Ave Animal Clinic saved me when I had mange and was barely alive as a baby in a box, then gave me to my mom to foster fail over the course of 1 day.

Jennifer Jareau (JJ)
Breed: mini poodle
Age: freshly 10
Likes: sitting next to, on top of, as near as possible to her humans, playing with toys when no one is looking, stealing chicken eggs to sit with not eat, unless scrambled.
Dislikes: everything else, picky old woman.
Rescue story: retired show dog from other groomer Caitlin who just wants to be a rough and tumble farm dog. Mom saw me at a groom show 5-6 years ago and has been scheming to get one of my puppies or me ever since.

Quackmae Amadala
Breed: muscovy duck
Age: 3ish
Likes: being the grand matriarch of everything in the backyard, ruling my subjects without mercy, taking the best treats, chasing the human child and Donna Noble when they don’t respect my rule.
Dislikes: getting medication, having my caruncles  (red things on my face) examined.
Rescue story: $30 duck at a poultry show that launched an avian obsession.


Katie Williams, Groomer

If Edie wrote a memoir it would be titled, ‘Diary of a Trashcan-Terrier, a Diamond in the Ruff’.

Me & Edie have quite the story, but I’m a rambler so bear with me…  I was driving my dad back to his car the morning after a furry convention (which we crashed for funzies). It was August 12, a Saturday, and hotter than hot. After dropping him off I stopped to get cash at an ATM, as I was pulling out, I see a dog in the bushes. I pull back in and she scurries from the bushes to the ATM. She sandwiched herself between the ATM and trash can. I could tell from her body language that touching was a no-go so I tried to talk her out. She kept cowering, so I went back to my car and got a slip lead. I tried for about 10 minutes to lasso her before some nice gentleman using the ATM stepped in and blocked her so I could successfully lasso her. Then I was worried about how I would get her into my car, but as soon as I had her leashed she trotted happily along side of me, jumped into my passenger seat, and licked my hand – the rest is history! I called my grandma to give her a heads up that I found a dog but Mass Ave Animal Clinic was already closed and we had a Beef and Boards show that evening. I took her home and she wouldn’t let grandma come near us. The next morning I took her in to check her chip. Nothing. I posted her everywhere and put up found posters all around the area I found her in. She had a nasty UTI and internal parasites, but no family looking for her. I wasn’t, in any way, in the market for another dog, let alone a psycho, but she was so sweet to me and I knew if I took her to a shelter she probably would’ve been euthanized due to behavior. Cut to 8 months later, she’s still a freak but making progress and I couldn’t imagine my life with out her!

Fun fact about her name, when we realized she wasn’t chipped, grandma and I tried calling her every name we could think of to see if she responded. Grandma tried “Edie” and she perked up! Edie was my great grandma’s nick name and I’m also a big ‘Grey Gardens’ fan, so it was kismet. We didn’t choose to keep Edie, Edie decided she lived with us.

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