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Meet The Team


Catlynn Cunningham

Catlynn decided to pursue a career working with animals during a high school internship at a veterinary clinic, and has been grooming dogs since 2006. She has worked in salons, veterinary offices, and boarding kennels and her favorite part of the job is meeting new people and dogs. She lives west of Indianapolis with her standard poodle Ruby, two Great Pyrenees Delta Dawn and Pony, miniature horses Boots and Banjo, and a flock of chickens and ducks. In her spare time she rescues and fosters livestock animals, and loves to spend time outside with her pets. 

Katie Deveau | Groomer 

Katie Deveau has been grooming since 2009. Before that she attended Ball State University and graduated with a degree in Painting. Upon graduation she quickly translated her art degree to three demensional work with fur. She geniunely believes that empathy and education go hand in hand with grooming and feels strongly about developing bonds with her four legged clients. She attends grooming conferences yearly and stays up to date with trends, techniques, and tools.

Katie lives on the southside of Indy with her derpy-Doberman, Vulcan, pitty-mutt Gorbash, lionhead rabbit, Francis, and two studio cats, Kitty and Roger. When not grooming she divides her time between painting and spending time with her family.

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Katie Williams | Groomer 

Katie Williams has been professionally pampering pets since she was a teenager. From then on it was clear that this was the pawfect career path and she could not imagine a better way to spend her days! She has a passion for senior dogs and making sure their spa experience is calm, comfortable, and personable. She believes that patience and compassion are the key to keeping our pups looking and feeling great!

Katie resides downtown with the queen of her heart, her crazy cat Marla Singer, Marla’s son, Bernard, and her gorgeous, gimpy Chinese crested puppy, Roman.

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Kelsey Williamson | Groomer 

Kelsey Williamson has had a passion for animals her whole life! She grew up with so many wonderful pets that she knew from a very early age that she wanted to pursue a career working with them as an adult. She started working with pets professionally at the age 16 and began her grooming career in 2004. She loves nothing more than building a lifetime of caring and trusting bonds with her furry clients; especially the “misunderstood” pets that don’t especially enjoy being pampered! She believes empathy, understanding, and education are the keys to building strong bonds between groomers and pets. Even after grooming for over a decade, she enjoys furthering her grooming education to keep up with the latest trends, tools, and techniques to best keep her clients feeling and looking their best. She enjoys attending dog shows, trade shows, and seminars each year.

Kelsey lives outside of Zionsville with her husband Andrew; their 4 rescue cats: Petri, Pistachio, The Pig, and Pipes; a Mastiff named Fezzik; their sassy 1lb house chicken HENrietta; and an ever growing flock of assorted poultry. When she isn’t grooming she enjoys cooking, the outdoors, and simply spending time with her many pets, friends, and family.

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Maggie Jones | Groomer 

Maggie has been working in the dog grooming business for over 7 years. She started as a “tech helper” in middle school and high school. Her favorite part about working with dogs is that she enjoys working with puppies and “difficult” dogs. She can generally strike a deal of sorts with them and get things done when other people cannot.

Maggie’s hobbies outside of work include working on her 27 acre farm in Greenfield and doing various activities with her three horses. Maggie also has three poodles, two miniatures and a standard. Her favorite Furr service is de-shed!

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Caitlin Beckerich | Groomer 

Caitlin has been an animal lover all her life. She started out as a Veterinary Assistant in high school, and has continued to work in the veterinary field.  She has also been grooming show dogs the past 10 years, with a focus on poodles.

Caitlin lives in Indy with her 4 miniature poodles, Izzie, JJ, Sydney, and Emma.  In her spare time she likes showing dogs and training her 2 horses.

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Cody Childress | Groomer 

Cody was brought up showing horses and raising/showing rabbits. He took a major interest in the grooming aspect of both hobbies and decided to pursue a career in the pet grooming industry. He has been grooming professionally since 2008 and loves the opportunities for growth and continued education that the industry provides.

Cody currently resides on the west side of Indianapolis with his three Poodles CeCe, Joplin, Jeffrey and his 26 year old turtle, Jordan.

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Andi Merrill | Lead CSR

Andi has always been creative growing up, dancing and playing the alto saxophone at a very young age. She then pursued her passion for pets by working in a kennel throughout high school. In college, she explored the visual arts such as photography, screen printing, and ceramics. She received her degree in Photography with a minor in Psychology from Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI in 2015. Animals have always made her the happiest though, so she decided to get back to her roots and start working with pets again. She dreams of maybe one day owning a doggy café.

Andi lives in Downtown Indy with her sassy little pug, Luna (aka Luna Petunia) and cat, Ponyboy. When not at Furr or The Monon Coffee Co (her weekend job), her passions include baking, ceramics, exploring the city with her friends, or just curling up with her cuddle buddies and relaxing.

K’trina Polston | CSR

K’Trina has worked with animals for 5 years and is excited to continue expanding her experience and education at Furr. She lives in Greenwood with her son, Carson, and two rats named Oreo and Nibbles. Even though she doesn’t currently own a dog her favorite types are Pitties and German Shepherds.

In her free time, K’trina enjoys reading and being outside. She absolutely loves Halloween and thinks it would be super cool to be a special effects makeup artist one day!