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When it comes to Grooming, it is easy to get confused with the basics. Why, When, and How


If you have a long haired dog, the why is obvious. Dogs fur tends to mat, can drag on the floor and pick up debris, and can cause skin irritations such as hotspots if it gets matted, wet, and sticks to the skin. Some of the furrier guys even stop being able to see when their face hair covers their eyes! Regular grooming care will solve these problems and make you and your pet more comfortable.

For short haired dogs, grooming is still just as important. A short haired dog can still have an overwhelming amount of shedding fur in the spring and require professional de-shedding! While you may not need the services of a professional groomer as often – you will still need to bathe, nail trims, clean ears, teeth brushing and do basic care for your pet. Short haired dogs are susceptible to hotspots as well, they aren’t as common but they still happen! Loose hair that isn’t brushed out can clump up and form mats that become a breeding ground for bacteria no matter the length of the hair.

Teeth care should be another big priority for you. How many of you brush your dogs teeth? Not that you can completely solve the halitosis that dog’s have, but keeping them plaque free can be difficult. The ASPCA has a great blog for teeth care for your pet. Not caring for teeth can lead to gum disease, which if left untreated can cause major health problems for your pet including heart disease.

Finally, ear care is a part of grooming that is often ignored until a pet ends up with an ear infection and a veterinarian is required!


“How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?”

The duration of time between professional grooming can vary greatly between dogs of the same breed. Coat condition, hair type, density, and climate are just some of the variables. A lot depends on how much home grooming you are willing to offer your pet.

Here are the guidelines suggested by grooming authorities. Your professional groomer can be more specific about your pet. If you don’t brush and comb regularly, choose the earlier time frame cialis 5mg preis.

• Airedale 6 weeks
• Bichon Frise 4 weeks
• Brittany Spaniel  8-12 weeks
• Cairn Terrier 6-10 weeks
• Cocker Spaniel  4-8 weeks
• Collie  6 weeks
• Goldendoodle 4 weeks
• Golden Retriever 8-12 weeks
• Labradoodle 4 weeks
• Lhasa Apso 3-4 weeks
• Maltese 4 weeks
• Pomeranian 6-10 weeks
• Poodle 4-6 weeks
• Westie 6-8 weeks
• Yorkshire Terrier  4 weeks

Discuss this with your groomer, they will be able to give you a guideline based on your own pet’s coat and personality. Also, this list features breeds that require full service grooms with hair cuts. If you have a simple to groom breed with short hair that doesn’t require trimming to maintain, you may only require seasonal grooming to tidy your pet up. Your groomer is the most experienced in determining this number for you!

Another thing to mention in the “When” section is the importance of starting all of your pets grooming needs when they are a puppy. If you want an adult dog to love brushing, nail trimming and all the other things that go with groom care, try to start them at a young age and be gentle! If you’ve adopted an adult pet, start right away – just introduce each part slowly and gently so they earn your trust and you learn their personality and what they like and don’t like! It’s never to late to try and establish a routine of care for your pet.


The most convenient answer to this, considering we are a business that offers grooming services, is to
schedule your groom today! However, since this is about education – I will share some resources with you.

Think basics when considering your grooming needs at home: brushing, bathing, nail trim, teeth care, and ear care.
(You may want to leave the anal gland expression to the professionals….)

To brush your pet, you need to invest in a brush and comb that best fits with your pet’s coat.  Poor equipment is often the reason pet owners fail to give their pets once or twice weekly brushing. For success in coat maintenance, throw out your worn brush with bent or missing bristles. If your pet is not used to brushing, don’t despair! Many dogs (and some cats)  love a good massage and belly rub, just slowly introduce the brushing into an extra special spoiling moment of adoration. Once you’ve taught the pet that the brush can be a tool of love and care, they won’t mind being brushed. You may even end up with a pet that LOVES his brush-time.

Cats can be trickier to earn the trust of simply because they are innately more suspicious of anything new or different.

A high quality nail trimmer is one of the most important tools to purchase when you get a pet. I’ll tell you from my own personal experience, if you buy the cheap no name brand nail trimmers because they were on clearance for $2.99 – they are going to work like cheap no name clippers you bought for $3. They will give you jagged edges, require more than one clip per nail, and sometimes the metal even bends. On top of these reasons, they seem to be MUCH more painful for the pet because in some instances they bend and break the nail instead of doing a clean cut. Do yourself and your pet a favor, get a good quality nail trimmer. This is especially important the larger the pet you have, as trimming a chihuahua’s nails is a much easier task than trimming a mastiffs!

Teeth care in your pet starts at the type of food you feed. High quality dry food will help reduce the amount of plaque that builds up over time. Dental bones and chew sticks and toys help as well if your pet likes to chew them. Here again, the ASPCA has a great blog written to help you enter the world of teeth brushing.

Pets require regular ear cleaning to prevent infections and yeast build up. It’s important to mention that any animal can end up with an ear infection no matter the breed, ear type or lifestyle. However, there are some breeds that seem to get them more frequently based on their anatomy – such as Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, and Basset Hounds. For dogs who naturally develop a lot of ear wax and ear hair, regular cleaning is important. If your dog is prone to allergies – their ears can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  Many people don’t think about ear care until their dog ends up with an ear infection and their veterinarian sends home  some medication and ear cleaner to use on a daily basis.

If you make ear care a part of your regular grooming routine, you can hopefully prevent any future infections. Once again, I’ll share a link to the ASPCA blog that gives great details about why pets need ear care.

To sum all of this up, we here at Furr Pet Spa and Wellness strive to keep every pet healthy and routine grooming care – either with our groomers or at home – it is one of the most important things we can do for our pets.

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