About Us

Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Clinic is a full service grooming salon, pet spa, and wellness center. We strive to care for your pet from nose to tail. This concept starts the minute your pet walks through our door. Each pet that obtains services with our spa will receive a complimentary exam, as well as, a take home report of all findings and suggestions. The Furr team believes in preventative care and keeping your pet well. Furr also believes in style! Thinking about painting your dog’s toenails or rocking a mohawk on your favorite canine? We can help! Whatever style your furry friend has, our certified, knowledgable groomers can keep them looking good.

Now offering full grooming services at City Way Animal Clinics – Irvington! Learn more.

Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness is part of City Way Animal Clinics, a small group of veterinary care and pet grooming practices. Our current locations include Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness, Fall Creek Place, Mass Ave, Fountain Square, Irvington, and Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness, all located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. 

Our Commitment

Compassion and concern for your pets’ safety, style, comfort, and well-being are our top priorities. The team at Furr strives to provide excellent customer service and personalized attention to each pet.

Our Core Values





Work-Life Balance

Our Niche

Every patient. Every Time. No Exceptions. No Excuses.

Our Core Focus

Exemplary veterinary medicine through customized patient care.