Customer Spotlight: Meet Dan and Maverick


We are happy to introduce 8-year-old Maverick and his doggie dad, Dan Dark – longtime clients of both Furr Pet Spa and Mass Ave Animal Clinic! The two call downtown Indy home and live in the cool, close-knit neighborhood of Cottage Home. As you can see in the photos, Maverick is a sweetheart who loves posing for the camera! Read our interview with Dan to see why he loves bringing Maverick to Furr, find out his favorite service a Furr and his top dog-friendly places around town.

Furr: In a couple sentences, tell us a little about your dog’s personality (and why you love them so much!).
Dan: I got Mav from the Southside Animal Shelter when he was a puppy more than eight years ago and he is still a puppy at heart with the energy to match. What makes me love him most, though, is his sweet nature and how gentle he is. He hates when people cuss and will come lay his head on your lap and give you a pouty look if you cuss too loud (like while watching a Colts game or something).

Furr: How long have you been bringing your dog to Furr?
Dan: I don’t remember exactly, but I’m sure we made our first visit not too long after Furr opened. I was happy to have a pet spa so close to where I live and it was owned by Mav’s vet (Mass Ave Animal Clinic) so it wasn’t hard to get me to come visit.

Furr: What do you think your dog likes most about their “spa experience” at Furr?
Dan: Mav enjoys getting brushed at home, so I’m sure he loves all the hands-on attention of getting brushed and de-shedded by the people at Furr. We haven’t got to experience the Zen Den yet. I’m sure Mav will love that too.


Furr: What do you like best about your experience as a customer at Furr?
Dan: The people at Furr stand out to me. They are also so helpful and seem to love what they do. The other thing I love is convenience cialis generika preis. It is a convenient downtown location that is also just down the street from MAAC which means that Furr has access to Mav’s shot records should they need them.

Furr: What is your favorite service and/or product at Furr and why?
Dan: The de-shedding treatment is great! Not only does Mav come out extra soft, but it also gives us a couple of weeks of nearly shed-free living.

Furr: Favorite pet-friendly place to go in Indy on the weekend…
Dan: 100 Acres Art and Nature Park at the IMA is such a treasure of the city. Mav and I go there just about every Sunday morning and take a hike around the lake (even during the winter). It’s peaceful, beautiful and plus you get to see some great contemporary art installations.

Furr: What is the best place to walk Maverick around Indy?
Dan: We typically walk around our neighborhood which after 5 years still amazed me with the beauty of the homes. But, if we feel like going a bit further, Mav loves walking down Mass Ave and seeing all the people. We will usually take a rest by Dancing Anne by Old Point Tavern and people watch for a bit.

Furr: Is your pup on social media? If so, tell us how people can follow them!
Dan: He is not, I can’t barely keep up with my own social media accounts and can’t take on another!


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