Catlynn C headshot

Catlynn C.

International Business College, Business Management Degree, 2007

Personal + Professional:
Catlynn came to Furr in 2017, and has been grooming pets since 2006. She completed an internship at a vet clinic in high school, during which time she decided that working with animals was her calling. Since then, she has managed salons and started her own small farm. When she’s not at the pet salon, she’s at home with her own animals. She has a passion for animals in need, and fosters and rescues livestock animals.

Loves of her Life:
Catlynn’s long list of pets include: a Great Pyrenees named Delta Dawn; Mr. Sheffield’s Nanny Fine aka “Fran,” a powderpuff Chinese Crested Dog; two miniature horses, Boots and Banjo; two pigs, Kevin and Sir Francis Bacon; two cats, Hissy and Stripes; and a whole brood of chickens and ducks.

Indy Favorites:
Canal walks with her dogs

Grooming Portfolio