KAtie D headshot

Katie D.

View Instagram Education:Ball State University, BFA in Painting, with a Watermedia Specialty, 2009Grooming Academy, 2009 Personal + Professional:Katie came to Furr in 2015  and has been a groomer since 2009. She believes empathy and education go hand in hand with grooming. When she’s not painting and making art, she’s playing Dungeons & Dragons, and running…

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Sally S headshot

Sally S.

Personal + Professional:Sally came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2020 with over 19 years of experience as a groomer, salon manager, and grooming academy trainer. She believes the best grooming experience includes patience, empathy, and communication. She specializes in grooming poodles, senior pets, and puppies. While grooming is her life, she’s passionate about her…

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Cody C headshot

Cody C.

View Instagram Education:Grooming Academy, 2008 Personal + Professional:Cody came to Furr in 2018 and has been a professional groomer since 2008. He’s passionate about staying up to date on the latest grooming trends and keeping his skills sharp through continuing education. He especially loves working with puppies, taking the time to teach them how to…

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Catlynn C headshot

Catlynn C.

Education:International Business College, Business Management Degree, 2007 Personal + Professional:Catlynn came to Furr in 2017, and has been grooming pets since 2006. She completed an internship at a vet clinic in high school, during which time she decided that working with animals was her calling. Since then, she has managed salons and started her own…

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Kelsey W headshot

Kelsey W.

View Instagram Education:PetSmart Grooming Academy Personal + Professional:Kelsey came to Furr in 2015 and has been a professional groomer since 2004. She enjoys the holy trinity of: food, caffeine, and beer. She spends her time hanging out with her dog, Fezzik and taking care of her poultry flock. Loves of her Life:Kelsey and her spouse,…

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K'Trina P headshot

K’Trina P.

Personal + Professional:K’trina came to Furr in 2018 with four years of experience in the pet service field. When she’s not spending time with animals at work or at home, she’s reading, playing PC games, taking naps, or just being outside. K’trina has a passion for makeup, including special effects makeup, Halloween, and homeopathy. Loves…

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Ken Clarke headshot

Ken Clarke

Education:Indiana University, Kinesiology, 2009 – 2011 Personal + Professional:Ken brought his passion for health and animals to City Way Animal Clinics in 2012 as a veterinary technician, and has risen through the ranks to our leadership team. He has a passion for community outreach, team culture, and animal wellness. When Ken isn’t making sure things…

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