Customer Spotlight: Meet Glenna and José


We are super excited to introduce you to one of our top clients, Glenna Nall and her bright-eyed fur baby, José – an adorable 1.5-year-old Havanese. Glenna, her husband Alex, and José live in the Chatham Arch neighborhood and are frequent visitors to Furr. Glenna is a big part of the downtown Indy community; she teaches Pilates and is a Master Instructor for Peak Pilates, leading the teacher training program at Invoke Studios. Read our full interview with Glenna below to see why she and José love coming to Furr, what pet-friendly places she enjoys most in Indy and more!

Furr: Our staff know José pretty well, but can you tell the blog readers a little about his personality?

Glenna: José has never met a stranger. The best part of walks is meeting new people and other pups. He is very animated and loves to play. The first day we brought him home, he played fetch with a mini tennis ball. We knew we had our hands full with an energetic pup at that point!

Furr: How long have you and José been coming to Furr?
Glenna: José has been coming to Furr since about 4 months of age. Since we live only a few blocks from Furr, we visit the ladies frequently (read: daily). The extra treats, belly rubs, and scratches behind the ear keep José coming back.

Furr: What do you think José likes most about his “spa experience” at Furr?
Glenna: José loves the ladies at Furr. We usually say “Wanna go see your ladies?” if we are walking past Furr. He loves the extra attention that he gets from Ashley and the team at Furr.

Furr: What do you like best about your experience as a customer at Furr? How does Furr stand out from other pet groomers?
Glenna: We haven’t been to other groomers so don’t have firsthand experience; however, I love that we can stop in and ask questions when needed. It’s super convenient for vet services too! For José’s annual exam, we had them do the vaccines and exam during a grooming session.

Joes and Glenna

Furr: What is your favorite service and/or product at Furr?
Glenna: I love the soft scent of the Soothe Shampoo. It makes José’s coat extra fluffy and soft too.

Furr: Best pet-friendly place to go in Indy on the weekend:
Glenna: José loves Ralston’s and often pulls to go there on walks. It’s nice to have a few places to sit outside and eat, drink, socialize with your pups. We often go there with Jose’s best friends – Walter and Lily – two other Havanese pups in the neighborhood.

Furr: Best place to walk your dogs around Indy:
Glenna: Living so close to the Cultural Trail and Mass Ave is great! We have a usual route, but occasionally walk to Monument Circle on nicer days. And there’s usually as stop at Three Dog Bakery and Starbucks on the way.

Furr: Is José on social media?
Glenna: José is a little too young for social media, but I post a lot of his activities on my personal Instagram account, glennanall.

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